I’m the Geezer Gator.  Yep I’m “old,” at least by the standards of most people that use the Net.  I have multiple sites dedicated to presenting different material.  This site is my political issues blog.  I don’t believe its fair to subject you, the reader, to improperly “tagged” posts.  

Purporting to be a political expert seems to be common place on the web.  I’m not.  I didn’t go to Harvard, Yale, Brown or another ivy covered house of learning.  Not that they aren’t fine schools, I just dislike the attitude of those individuals who presume they are better than the rest of us but are not.  Yep, I went to college, graduated and have 90% of a masters.

I have traveled the world extensively.  I’ve seen many political systems including the USSR.  That’s why I’m writing this blog.  After you’ve seen enough other systems you know what you don’t want to live under.

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