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August 29 – Not enough bones. A poem for voters

August 29, 2009

Long ago in ancient Rome
There lived a dog without a bone.
T’was for sure he wanted one
But, though he looked, he found none.
Then the thought occurred to he
“I’ll take the bone from others for me.”
He couldn’t, because¬†weak he was,
A dog so small they called him Fuzz.
Then a Big Dog came around
Promising bones where none were found.
“Just vote for me.” the Big Dog cried
“And I’ll take the bones from those who hide.”
Old Fuzz did and quickly found
There weren’t enough bones to go around.
“What can I do” the Big Dog cried
“What if the canines found I lied.”
“I thought there would be bones galore”
“Now I find¬†no more at the store.”
“If I can’t increase the bones to give”
“Some canines no more can live.”
“The young and old ones aren’t much use”
“I’ll just give them poison juice.”
But, alas, after all was done
There weren’t enough bones for everyone.
When Big Dog finally spoke
A small piece of bone was the joke.
When Fuzz protested he’d been betrayed
Big Dog said “Quiet or in the grave you’re laid.”
“Take your little piece and raise no fuss”
“Can’t you see you’re not a Big Dog like us?”
Poor old Fuzz, to late he learned a bit
Those who ruined Rome, governed it.

Voters right, left, and center need the right of recall!