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December 10 – Senators and House members who voted for the bailout, RESIGN!

December 11, 2008

Wow, look how much the $700 billion bailout helped.  NOT!!  For once, this is not an issue for right or left, it’s for all of us.

Its been 2 months since Paulson, Bernenke, Bush, Dodd, Frank, Martinez, Baener, Pelosi, etc., etc., etc. told us the world would end tomorrow as the sky crashed down on us, IF welfare wasn’t IMMEDIATELY extended to Wall Street.  We HAD to free up credit right away!  When asked, “How’s this gonna work?” we were told, “Trust me.”  We now have a third great lie to go with “the check is in the mail” and well, you know the other one.

Most Americans could smell the manure pile and screamed about its passage.  Initially it was turned down by the House, but the Senate (we can see the quality required to join this group, ask the Illinois governor) made the legislation even worse and forced it through because that filth is only voted out of office every 6 years.  The Headless Horseman (Bush) celebrated “prosperity in our time,” for you younger readers a play on Chamberlain’s quote, and gave the money to his Wall Street buddies so they could continue to have their lavish retreats, buy Chinese banks, provide big bonuses for executives of the failed organizations, etc., etc., etc.  This is what happens when our Leaders!? are corrupt or stupid enough to not require safeguards for the use of OUR MONEY!!!!!

To add insult to injury the mental giants pushing for approval of this, do a “Chicken Little” and cry that if they don’t get the $700 billion LIFE will end.  Panic will ensue.  Ahhh, panic?  What’s the best way to promote a world wide economic panic?  Why have the President and Secretary of the Treasury of the largest economic power in the world to scream “Financial Death Cometh.”  Calling this stupid is an insult to stupid people.

How do our august politicians try to defuse the continuing anger focused on them?  Why they find a whipping boy, the auto industry.  Lets look at that. Our Washington incompetents want detailed industry redeployment plans in 3 weeks, the appointment of a auto “czar,” guarantees of repayment in 4 months if the idiots in DC aren’t happy withwhatever graft they can get, and so on.  This is the filth in Washington trying to distract the people by getting everyone to focus on the “EVIL AUTO INDUSTRY.”  Mind you this is for 15 billion.  Daaaa, dat’s 2% of the 700 billion bequeathed to the New York power brokers with NO STRINGS.  I’d much rather see Detroit helped than the Wall Street scum suckers.

I apologize to those honest and ethical Senators and House members who voted against the bailout.  This rant isn’t intended for you.  You can find a list of those who voted against and for the bailout at this blog site   in the October 8th post.  (go down a ways on the site)  Write, call, or email your congressional delegation immediately.  Thank those who voted against the Wall Street Welfare act.

Here is a draft for you to consider sending to the idiots, corrupts, and incompetents who voted for this rape of the American taxpayer.

“Senator/Representative _________,

As events have subsequently proven, your vote for the bailout legislation has contributed to the economic disaster destroying the financial welfare of the average American.  THE CREDIT LOOSENING PROMISED HAS NOT OCCURRED.  The funds have been used by financial institutions to buy other banks, provide unjustified bonus money to executives, for lavish retreats, and similar flagrant abuses.  Devaluation of the dollars buying power and other mega ramifications loom on the horizon.

I request you IMMEDIATELY do the following.
1)  Demand that all undistributed funds be frozen immediately.
2)  Demand that Paulson resign or be removed from office.
3)  Demand detailed accounting of the distributed funds and demand the return of all money not DIRECTLY used for the purpose of loosening credit.

Failing to do this, I request that you IMMEDIATELY RESIGN.  It is obvious that by failing to see adequate safeguards were included in the legislation you failed in your duty to the people you represent.”

Here’s a note for MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and (yes) FOX.

I request you make a broadcasted apology to the American people for failing in your journalistic duty.  By ignoring to fully inform the US citizenry of the complete lack of safeguards and protections that should have been in the Bailout bill, your coverage and in some cases implicit support has contributed to the economic panic and disgraceful misuse of taxpayer funds.  The American people deserve this apology for your despicable lack of journalistic performance.”

They won’t do a damn thing, BUT they’ll know we aren’t as dumb as they think their viewers are.

Lastly, to the man who certainly is NOT a Conservative, not a Liberal (I won’t insult the left by calling him one) and is in fact, nothing!


Give us some satisfaction.  RESIGN!!!!”